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Tony Neri
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Bradenton, Florida 34208
Phone: 941-526-5052

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Hi there. Tony Neri here. I am your Florida state maintenance craft director. I have been the director for approximately 8 terms and enjoy the position for a number of reasons. My primary duty with the state organization is in an educational capacity. Training stewards and helping stewards with the handling of grievances for a successful outcome. A majority of this is done ether by phone or at our state educational seminars.

I like to argue and fight. I have been this way since I was potty trained.

Management is a good target for venting my aggression because they are relentlessly evil in as much as they are ignorant so there is always a battle to be fought on some front due to their instigation.

But to say I don't realistically pick my battles would be an untruth and I pride myself on my truthfulness. If you call me and I feel that the issue has no merit I will tell you so. You see when people call me I only here their side of a story and years of experience at doing this job have thought me that there are indeed two sides to every story and then there is the truth. That's why it is so important to thoroughly investigate every statement, issue, and fact. That would be either your job as a steward or as a grievant working with the representation of their respective local. And getting only one side of it during a phone conversation leaves alot to be desired.

I represent all crafts of the APWU because we are all in the same union. Always remember that. I can't tell you how to run your craft or local but when I tell you, "This is what I would do," then that is exactly what I mean. Now whether or not you like my advice that's your choice. You could go elsewhere, or as we representatives call it shopping for advice from another source that is more to your liking saying what you want to hear. It may not be necessarily the correct information they give but more to your liking. That's up to you. But if the case goes to arbitration it is a different matter entirely. Making you feel good is not my main objective. Good legal advice is.

With this being said I hope that I haven't frightened anyone off with my honesty. Feel free to call me at anytime. My number is on this web site somewhere and also in the state news letter. I could have easily just written it, (in this space) here but we want you to read the state paper and learn to navigate this site. Again our intention in the state organization is to guide and instruct. You are the front line in our defense!

Thank You and in Solidarity.
Tony Neri
Florida State Maintenance Craft Director